Commission a Portrait

If you are interested in having a one-of-a-kind portrait of your best animal companion, please take a look at the information below. 

  • Get in touch with any questions, requests, or if you are ready to start the commission process, great! Contact me and let's see your favorite photos. If you have a deadline (Christmas or birthday present for example) Let me know so I can schedule you in with enough time for that special event.

  • Once you have sent me your photos via email I will take a few days to look through them and see which image will make the best portrait. If you have a favorite photo or only one image of your pet, I will offer my advice on what is needed to make a successful portrait. Once we have agreed upon a main photograph and what size is best, I will send you a quote. Additionally, if you are interested in a frame, please take a look at my Frame Options and let me know your preference.

  • To secure your portrait order, a 25% deposit is required. I will invoice you via PayPal with an estimated completion date for the portrait. After you have secured a spot I will start a digital mock-up from the main photograph and once approved by you, I will start the final painting or drawing. In a few weeks I will send an image via email of the final portrait and once approved, the remaining 75% will be due. I will then start sealing, varnishing and framing the portrait (if a frame was added to the order).

  • Once everything is dry, I will package your portrait and send it on it's way! I typically send through UPS with full insurance coverage, as well as a tracking number to anticipate when your portrait will arrive.

  • Please note, it takes ~10-20 hrs. to create a drawing, and ~20-40 hrs. or more to create a painting. The size and complexity of the animal(s) being represented is the main factor for how long the portrait will take. Additional time is applied to Varnishing, Framing, and Packaging. Overall you can expect a MEDIUM size painting to take ~2-4 weeks, a drawing to take ~1-3 weeks, and a week or less to ship.


Photograph Guidelines

One of the main components in creating an excellent painting or drawing, are great photographs. Here are a few tips to help with your photo shoot.

  • Please e-mail High Resolution photos (Ideally ~ 2700 x 3600 pixels)

  • Eye level photos.

  • A centered photo of your animal, not cropped but close enough to see their beautiful hair and eyes!

  • Photograph in a shaded area or on an overcast day.

  • Taking pics inside by a window on an overcast day will create nice lighting as well.

  • If you have multiple pics of your animal, that's great! The more the merrier.

  • Above you will see Olive, she is a great example of the guidelines. The resolution of the photo on the left isn't the sharpest, but the mood, lighting and intensity at eye level is undeniable. The client and I focused on this photo for the composition; the sharper image to the right helped define eye color and variations of her fur. Having one solid photo is ideal, but often that is not the case. If it is possible, supplying multiple pics will help create an accurate portrait of your animal. The most important aspect of a great photo is enjoying the time with your pet and capturing their unique personality, and of course, I'm always here if you need further tips!