Please add 20% for each additional pet. Sizes 12" x 15" and up.

To secure your portrait order, a 25% deposit is required, the remaining amount will be due upon approval of the final portrait before delivered.

3% will be donated to one of three Charities for each commission purchased. Please 'click' on Charities for this years pick and let me know your preference.

  • Please note, it takes ~10-20 hrs. to create a drawing, and ~20-40 hrs. or more to create a painting. The size and complexity of the animal(s) being represented is the main factor for how long the portrait will take. Additional time is applied to Varnishing, Framing, and Packaging. Overall you can expect a MEDIUM size painting to take ~2-4 weeks, a drawing to take ~1-3 weeks, and a week or less to ship.

  • Please Get In Touch if you would like to commission a portrait. I look forward to hearing from you!

Frame Options

Starting at $95. If you are interested in a Museum Quality Frame for your portrait, please ask to receive a quote.

You can view frame options by clicking the button below :

*Free U.S. shipping ends April 1st of 2019*

Shipping Prices


8" x 8" to 9" x 12" -  $50

11" x 14" to 14" x 18" - $75

16" x 20" to 18" x 24" - $100



9" x 9" to 12" x 15" -  $20

14" x 18" to 18" x 24" -  $50


9" x 9" to 12" x 15" -  $50

14" x 18" to 18" x 24" -  $75

*I typically send through UPS and always with full insurance coverage, as well as a tracking number to anticipate when your portrait will arrive.

*As of now I am only shipping within the United States. International shipping will be offered at a later date.